Wine culture has been a growing trend over the last year or two and wine based products have hit the market hard. We’ve seen everything from wine for cats and dogs to wine ice cream and the list keeps growing. What we can add now is wine makeup and I’m not talking about cute makeup palettes named after wine. No, no. These products are made WITH wine! Well, wine grapes and that’s as good as it gets. It isn’t news that there properties within wine grapes that beneficial to a human’s health cosmetic companies have been taking advantage for a while now. Found in these wine grapes are Polyphenols and Resveratrol which are both powerful antioxidants and the grapeseed oil is a great skin protectant and hydrate. Now, while these are mainly found in skin creams, there are a few companies that are cornering the market on lip care infused with wine grape properties.

Bite Beauty was founded by Susanne Langmuir who believes that it is just as important to consider that what you wear on your lips is also being ingested. Now, that might sound pretty gross but it’s true. Little bits of the products are worn away by eating, drinking, talking, and rubbing your lips together. Every time you reapply a product that means the previous layer was worn away and where do you think a portion of that went? Langmuir decided that the products on the market were not up to her standards as far as packaging and product quality went. As such she and her team developed products that include the resveratrol found the skin of wine grapes. This took quite some time as resveratrol was not compatible with the oils waxes found in lipstick. Each gloss or lipstick contains 5mg of resveratrol, about the same amount you would find in 5 glasses of wine.

All of Bite Beauty’s products are also edible, made from 100% food grade ingredients all the way down to the dyes. The intensity of the color you pick will depend on how you apply the product and the colors come in a large range to suit every look. You can also look forward to this product being smooth and creamy as opposed to how dry some other lip products can get. Bite names all of their lip products after wine variants and all the packaging is different for each option. Currently, these products are exclusively sold at Sephora and can be purchased in-store or online. Right now this line has 77 products to offer that are not exclusively the wine based products.

OenoBeauty founder Julia Polloreno thought she might one day be a sommelier, interested in how wine was made in every variation. Instead, she launched OenoBeauty in 2012 after 3 years of development. She made it her personal mission to create products that were all natural and included the components from the wine grapes. The brand is completely self-funded and all the of the products are natural and organic. The quality of the ingredients meant the products themselves were in development longer as to not compromise on the integrity of the brand Polloreno was trying to build. As of now, the brand only has lip glosses and blushes for now but Polloreno hopes to expand her line further in the future. OenoBeauty can only be found online here but there are high hopes for a major retailer to pick up the brand soon.

Labiotte Beauty is a Korean cosmetic company that has launched a line of lipsticks, glasses, and stains produced with red wine. What sets this brand apart from the previously mentioned brands is that, instead of using just the wine grape components, they are also using red wine extract. Their lip line includes mattes, lip tints, and tinted lip balms. Their packaging is also one of a kind. The lipsticks come in packaging that looks like wine bottles and the lip balms come in pots shaped like wine glasses. If you don’t want to stop with your lips, Labiotte also has a wine inspired mascara line that is made with the same red wine extract and is supposed to keep your lashes healthy as well. This brand offers eight different shades of lip products, all with wine-inspired names, ranging in their lightness to dark in color. Labiotte Beauty’s website can be found here but be advised that is in Korean and the English website they sell through it currently down.

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