Autumn Hair

With summer a warm memory in our minds, we shift our attention to finer things with come with autumn: everything pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and new hair trends. With the weather changing and school kicking into gear, there is nothing better than a change in style to compliment the changing leaves. So far we’re following some of the same summer trends like loose beach waves and ponytails but there still some new trends that are worth giving note to like Black Bows. Now, hear me out, these might seem like a childish accessory but they have made a roaring comeback on the runways this fall season. Opt for larger, velvet bows with tendrils that hang to match the length of your hair. These paired with a ponytail is a cute and flirty style that happens to be easy and a time saver when you’re in a rush in the morning.

If you’re looking for a fresh look you can always go for a close shave. This look has been coming back into style and it looks great! This is the perfect way to get a hair do-over if you’re looking for a way to get your hair fresh and new. Just bear in mind that this look does have some maintenance that needs to be maintained or else you might run into problems of it growing out uneven and messy in a bad way. Having your hair shaved also gives you more of an excuse for cute knit hats and beanies as the weather gets colder! Now, if you aren’t feeling bold enough to rock a shaved head, you can go for a cropped bob. Get rid of those dead ends and lose some length for a light and clean feeling cut. You can still pull off those loose waves while keeping your ears and neck warm and covered.

Keeping in the same vein of fresh, clean hair, you might consider looking into a clarifying treatment. You can invest in a salon grade clarifying shampoo or head to your stylist for a professional treatment. Clarifying treatments help remove all the built up product we’ve loaded our hair up with during the summer to combat the summer heat and humidity. Follow up your clarifying treatment with a deep condition. This locks in moisture to your locks and keeps them looking healthy and vibrant. The colder weather can cause our hair to dry out and become brittle and lackluster. Natural oils and hot oil treatments benefit your hair well paired with the deep conditioning. They complement the oil your scalp naturally produces to add an extra layer of protection.

Don’t forget to invest in some anti-frizz products. While no product can eliminate frizz completely,  there are products on the market that can dramatically decrease it. Products with natural ingredients won’t strip your hair of the things that give it strength and shine. Always make sure you know what you’re putting into your hair to further decrease damage to it. As the temperature drops and the humidity retreats for the winter, there are more damaging elements your hair will be exposed to. On top of the changes in weather, the changes in our clothes can affect our hair. Be warned that wool products can damage hair the more it comes into contact with it either in the form of a scarf or hat.

As always, all hair is different to each person and only you know what works best for you and your style. Just be sure to stay safe and keep your hair happy and healthy.

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