Beauty Gifts 2017

By now, many of us have put our trees up, trimmed them, and begun our venture into shopping for presents. Whether you’re finished with your list or looking for just the right gift for those certain someone’s, there is never a bad time to consider other gifts for those that might be a little harder to shop for instead of opting for a gift card to their favorite store. Or perhaps you need to drop some last minute hints to the well-meaning people in your life for what you’re looking for this holiday season. Look no further. Below you’ll be able to find some products and kits that are perfect to start the new year off with.

Frank Body Lip Trio Kit
This lip kit offers three different lip products designed to be natural, nut-free and cruelty-free. Developed to keep your lips hydrated, plump, and protected you can look to obtain these different options:
Cherry Bomb Lip Tint: A “pinky-red” color that plumps up your lips.
Send Nudes Lip Tint: A “no-color-color” that brings out your natural lip color.
Original Lip Balm: Clear and smooth to keep lips hydrated with a subtle gloss.

The CAPtivator Love bath
This is a bath mixture designed to help the flow of energy and draw love into your life. The mixture of sandalwood, neroli, and clary sage work to soothe the nervous system while the mineral bath detoxifies the lymphatic drainage.

OUAIsted Essentials Kit
While this is a Sephora product, it can only be ordered online. It includes Memory Mist, Wave Spray, Dry Shampoo Foam, Chloe + Isabel Hair Accessory, and the Ouai travel bag. This kit is designed to work for all hair types and well as function as a travel kit for when you need to perk your hair up on the go.

Amika Wanderlust Travel Kit
You can look to find the Keep Your Color Shampoo and Conditioner, Perk Up Dry Shampoo, and Touchable Hairspray in a free and vibrant travel tote.

Sakara Beauty Chocolates
Okay, so this isn’t exactly a beauty product in the traditional sense but what girl doesn’t love chocolate? This product is produced with a plant-based, collagen-boosting phytoceramide derived from wheat. You can munch on this treat as it has been proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and texture in just two weeks.

Grown Alchemist Limited Edition Body Care Kit
This limited edition product will include a Purifying Body Exfoliant and Mandarin and Rosemary leaf  Body Cream,.This brand prides itself on its organic certified products so you can buy this product without guilt.

It’s all a Blur- Milk Makeup
Looking for more bang for your buck? In this eco-friendly kit you’ll find a Blur Bag, Natural Dry Shampoo, Mini Lip Color in Grrl, Mini Face Mist, Mini Ubame Mascara, Mini Highlighter,  and Biodegradable Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipe. For a limited time, this $64 kit is on sale for $28 so get it while supplies last.

JINsoon Tout Ensemble Nail Lacquer Gift Set
Enjoy four different nail polishes in this nail lacquer set. Two bottles are textured metallics in gold and silver and the other two are simple black and white. What makes these polishes special is that they are UV filtered which protects against fading and yellowing.


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