As the New Year approaches, it’s not uncommon to start thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions. They can be anything from losing those last five pounds to taking a chance on something that scares you. If you’re looking for an easy resolution that will benefit your face consider taking on the challenge of keeping up with regular makeup tool maintenance. Now, you might think this is a no-brainer but let’s be honest, how often do you really and truly clean and sanitize your most commonly used tools? It might be a tedious and time-consuming task but the risks you take by not taking care of your tools is far greater than you might think. These tools accumulate so many things throughout the day that you won’t notice until it’s too late. Each use on your face collects dirt and oil, it accumulates product during each use and all of these combined cause an accumulation of bacteria. If not cleaned properly, this can lead to acne breakouts, pink eye, or even staph infections.  

Cleaning your daily tools has many benefits, the most obvious being the lack of breakouts and viral infections. Each time you clean your brushes and blenders you are essentially using, what equates to, a new tool. The application of the products you use will be smoother and more even as a result. Cleaning these tools will keep the bristles soft and help reduce irritation during each use. Keeping these brushes well maintained will also save you money in the end as you won’t have to replace them as often. It is recommended that foundation brushes and blenders be cleaned weekly if not daily. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned twice a month to avoid potential infections. All other brushes can be cleaned once a month but it is recommended to completely replace blenders every three months.

The easiest cleaning tip for your blender is to simply leave it in water overnight. Before you begin your routine you can remove it, rinse it out and begin use. It’ll be damp and help to apply your product of choice evenly. Avoid sealing the blender in a container or plastic bag as this can increase the buildup of bacteria and even start the buildup of mold. A good indicator that your brushes are in need of a thorough cleanse includes stiff bristles and thick, noticeable application of product without blending well. You can clean your brushes using a gentle soap or gentle detergent mixed with warm water. Beware not to soak the bristles up to the barrel as this may cause the bristles to loosen and fall out. During cleaning take care not to alter the shape of the brush. If you aren’t sure this DIY method is doing the trick, there are cleaning products available made especially for cleaning makeup tools. A neat trick to consider before cleaning brushes are using a dab of almond or olive oil to break up the caked on makeup. Don’t forget to also take care of keeping your eyelash curler clean. If not properly maintained, they can lead to clumpy applications and the potential to even pull eyelashes from their beds.

Chapped Lips? No Problem!

During the drier months, it isn’t unusual to see your lips become more chapped. Unlike most parts of the body, the lips don’t produce any oil or other fluids. Instead, they are exposed to outside elements like the sun and harsh, cold winds. These can cause your lips to dry out and crack quickly. While these are the obvious reasons for chapped lips, there may be more to it than just exposure.  Arielle Kauvar, M.D., director of New York Laser & Skin Care has found that there are several other factors that can cause lips to be dried out. These include allergies to lip products, side effects of medication, hypothyroidism, and Sjogrens syndrome. Most of these causes can be reversed easily by switching products or changing medication if it becomes too much of an issue to keep your lips moisturized. It should be noted that if these changes do not make a difference, it is recommended to see a doctor.  If you’re looking for some non-medical advice on how to save your chapped lips, read on.

The first, and maybe most obvious tip is to stop licking your lips.  It is instinctive, and maybe stress related, to lick your lips for instant dry lip relief. However, doing this isn’t doing your lips any favors. Licking them will make them drier and return make you want to lick them more. This creates a never-ending cycle of drier and drier lips that you’ll want relief from. You’ll also want to avoid breathing through your mouth if you can help it. The steady stream of in and out air does nothing but keep your drier and drier. If you are serious about keeping your lips hydrated, avoid spicy and acidic foods. These can be irritants to the skin on your lips and cause further chapping.

A method you might not think about is the use of a humidifier. If used while you sleep, you are getting a long, continuous stream of moisture produced to replenish those dry lips. It is recommended to set your humidifier for 30-40% as this is optimal for both skin and lip rehydration. It’s a win-win all around. Another good, and simple, treatment to consider is changing your lip balm. In addition to applying it before you step out the door, there are benefits to knowing what you’re putting on your lips. Opt for balms that are thicker and made from ingredients such as wheat-germ oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil, or cottonseed oil. These will replenish the moisture lost to your lips. Drinking more water will also provide much-needed hydration. If you’re experiencing chapped and flaky lips, don’t pick at them! Use an over the counter hydrocortisone cream. Use it until the flakiness stops and then switch to a beeswax lip balm to keep a protective layer over your lips.

There is a long-standing myth about chapstick and lip balm addiction. This is simply false. There is no ingredient in these products that can make you addicted to using them. Instead, concider that the addiction theory stems from the enjoyment of relieving dry lips.

Beauty Gifts 2017

By now, many of us have put our trees up, trimmed them, and begun our venture into shopping for presents. Whether you’re finished with your list or looking for just the right gift for those certain someone’s, there is never a bad time to consider other gifts for those that might be a little harder to shop for instead of opting for a gift card to their favorite store. Or perhaps you need to drop some last minute hints to the well-meaning people in your life for what you’re looking for this holiday season. Look no further. Below you’ll be able to find some products and kits that are perfect to start the new year off with.

Frank Body Lip Trio Kit
This lip kit offers three different lip products designed to be natural, nut-free and cruelty-free. Developed to keep your lips hydrated, plump, and protected you can look to obtain these different options:
Cherry Bomb Lip Tint: A “pinky-red” color that plumps up your lips.
Send Nudes Lip Tint: A “no-color-color” that brings out your natural lip color.
Original Lip Balm: Clear and smooth to keep lips hydrated with a subtle gloss.

The CAPtivator Love bath
This is a bath mixture designed to help the flow of energy and draw love into your life. The mixture of sandalwood, neroli, and clary sage work to soothe the nervous system while the mineral bath detoxifies the lymphatic drainage.

OUAIsted Essentials Kit
While this is a Sephora product, it can only be ordered online. It includes Memory Mist, Wave Spray, Dry Shampoo Foam, Chloe + Isabel Hair Accessory, and the Ouai travel bag. This kit is designed to work for all hair types and well as function as a travel kit for when you need to perk your hair up on the go.

Amika Wanderlust Travel Kit
You can look to find the Keep Your Color Shampoo and Conditioner, Perk Up Dry Shampoo, and Touchable Hairspray in a free and vibrant travel tote.

Sakara Beauty Chocolates
Okay, so this isn’t exactly a beauty product in the traditional sense but what girl doesn’t love chocolate? This product is produced with a plant-based, collagen-boosting phytoceramide derived from wheat. You can munch on this treat as it has been proven to improve skin elasticity, hydration, and texture in just two weeks.

Grown Alchemist Limited Edition Body Care Kit
This limited edition product will include a Purifying Body Exfoliant and Mandarin and Rosemary leaf  Body Cream,.This brand prides itself on its organic certified products so you can buy this product without guilt.

It’s all a Blur- Milk Makeup
Looking for more bang for your buck? In this eco-friendly kit you’ll find a Blur Bag, Natural Dry Shampoo, Mini Lip Color in Grrl, Mini Face Mist, Mini Ubame Mascara, Mini Highlighter,  and Biodegradable Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipe. For a limited time, this $64 kit is on sale for $28 so get it while supplies last.

JINsoon Tout Ensemble Nail Lacquer Gift Set
Enjoy four different nail polishes in this nail lacquer set. Two bottles are textured metallics in gold and silver and the other two are simple black and white. What makes these polishes special is that they are UV filtered which protects against fading and yellowing.


Organic Skin Care

There is no doubt that having a good skincare routine is an important part of your day. Keeping your skin happy and healthy boosts confidence and gives you a great start to your day without worrying about having to cover any blemishes up. When it comes to great skincare, you need to use great products that work and continue to work long after the first application of the day. While there are many products on the market that claim their fame due to these promises, they might not have as much merit as you think. If you want products that are going to work and make a long last impact without being harmful to your skin you want to try products that are organic.

A product is deemed organic by the USDA when it is made up of 95% or more of ingredients that are plant derived. These ingredients have to be made with plants that are grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilized. Basically, if it is harmful to the environment the plants and other ingredients cannot be grown are made with it. Organic skin care products are naturally going to work better and be better for you. This is because there are no synthetic ingredients involved that can clog up pores and cause more damage in the long term. Synthetic ingredients are often fast acting and invasive but the damage they can be causing might be unseen until it’s too late. Some of the signs might show in the form of skin irritation, chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, and even hormone disruption. If you’re thinking of changing up the products you use, below are some brands to get you started.

1. 100% PURE
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical.
Price Range: $15- $55
This brand is USDA certified organic and made with high-quality ingredients. Their products are dyed with colors extracted from vibrant fruits and vegetables and their fragrances come from all natural essences. Even their packaging is eco-friendly.

2. Aradé Beauty
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical.
Price Range: $35- $70
These products are enriched with “cold-pressed essential oils that heal skin with good moisture”. Their ingredient sources are held to a high-bar criterion that includes social, ethical, and scientific guidelines.

3. Herbivore Botanicals
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $16- $88
The products from this line have no fillers and, instead, utilize globally sourced ingredients. Their packaging is supposed to encourage self-care and healthy indulgence.

4. Indie Lee
Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $28- $130
After winning a battle with a life-threatening tumor, the founder of this brand learned the tumor was caused by environmental toxins. This inspired her product brand that is geared towards protecting its users and the environment. The brands’ website even has resources that explain the “good” and “bad” ingredients found in most beauty products, organic products included.

Natural & Organic, Eco-Friendly, Ethical
Price Range: $7- $23
Every product is developed with plant and food-based natural and organic ingredients as well as natural essential oils. Partial amounts of the proceeds from each purchase help to support two organizations that are making positive changes for people and the environment: Unite for Her and Turning Green.

Black Friday Beauty Deals

This is a little late coming but who doesn’t love to grab those last minute Black Friday deals before they hit the stores? A lot of your favorite beauty brands have probably dropped their sales ads a little early to give you time to prep so take advantage. Some stores, like Sephora, have large sales going on and you’ll want to explore that more fully. You can find these deals on a lot of their websites as they’ll likely be the main banners featured on the homepages. There are some stores, however, that you need their phone apps to see what deals will be available to you. Below is just a sampling of the deals that are going to be out on the market. Bear in mind a lot of sites will be offering free shipping but that may only count towards orders of a certain price range. Let’s get started!

GHD– The brand is offering 25% off of their entire store. As far as their website goes, they are not offering free shipping on your orders.
MOROCCANOIL– When you make a purchase of $100 or more, you can receive a free Seasonal Gift set. This is perfect if you need a last minute gift for someone in your life (or yourself).
INSTYLER– From November 22 to November 29 there will be different daily deals. Check their site for the code and special offer. On Black Friday code ‘DAY3” will get you 40% off of a Pink Max 2-Way Rotating Iron.
ALCHIMIE FOREVER–  From November 22 to November 28 the code “FF20147” will get you 30% off of all products on their website.
L’Occitane– From November 22 to November 28, a purchase of $85 or more will get you a free hand cream set. A purchase of $165 or more will get you the hand cream set as well has a bonus holiday gift set. On Cyber Monday thru to the 29th get 20% off of your purchase.
Moda Brushes–  November 24 to November 27 will offer their entire website for 60% off.
Vita Liberata– Take 50% off of all items on sitewide from November 23- November 25.
Volition Beauty– This crowdfunded company is offering its Holy Grail Mask kit for $70.This kit includes the Detoxifying Silt Gelee, 4 Boomerang Sponges, and Mask and Splash Headband with a deluxe brush. With every $95 purchase enjoy a free, full sized Anti Aging Trio kit that includes a moisturizer, day serum, and night serum.
NYX– This brand is offering 30% all purchases made in their online store as well as their retail store locations.
Carol’s Daughter– On Black Friday enjoy a free travel size Hair Milk Original with a $40 purchase. On Cyber Monday get the same product with your $35 purchase as well as free shipping.
Sally Beauty– Get $30 off of your $50 purchase with code “888036” from November 2 to November 26.

If you’re opting to hit the mall or brave the lines in front of the stores, JCPenney will be offering 50% off of all hair products and Target will be offering Buy One, Get One 50% off all beauty gift sets. There are hundreds more brands with even more to offer so make sure you check out your favorite brands and their websites for any special offers you might want to take advantage of.

Social Media Beauty Trends

There is no doubt about it that social media has had a huge impact on today’s trends in Millennials and Gen-X’s.  Instagram and Youtube are the driving forces in giving anyone a look at what is popular and how to achieve the newest styles. With Pinterest catching up with their How-To’s, it’s never been easier to look trendy with options and variations. However, with all these new looks hitting the market on an almost weekly basis, how can you tell which will be one to last? Here’s a look at the most popular makeup trends for the last year. Maybe they’ll help you decide which one is worth adding to your repertoire.

Let’s start with contouring. Contouring is the practice of using makeup to highlight the natural features of your face. This method is widely popular and isn’t anything new to the makeup community, only recently brought to mass attention by Kim Kardashian. There is evidence that actors all the way back in the mid-1500’s would use soot and chalk to define their features during productions.

SOURCE: Archive Photos.Archive Photos.Getty Images

Luckily these days stores like Sephora sell contouring kits for every skin tone you can think of so you don’t have to worry too much about using these kinds of things on your skin. In the same vein, Baking has become a popular trend. I don’t mean the cookies and cupcakes type of baking either. This process essentially involves using a damp makeup sponge to apply a thick coat of powder to areas of your face that you want to look brighter (like underneath your eyes). You then let the powder sit, or ‘Bake’, for five minutes before grabbing a fluffy brush and dusting the excess powder off. While this will set your foundation and concealer, make sure you blend well.


Less permanent, but still popular, trends include the squiggle eyebrow and the squiggle lip. While these looks aren’t ones you’re going to see on an everyday basis, they gained their traction on Instagram. Squiggle brows can be achieved simply with some washable, clear, glue and a brow sculpting tool. It’ll take some maneuvering and a good bit of time, but it’s certainly a look. If you want your lips to match, simply outline your squiggle design below or on your lips and fill it in with your choice of matching lip gloss or lipstick. If squiggles aren’t your thing, try the braided brow. Sure, we’ve seen the photoshopped Instagram pictures but this look is actually possible.  All you need is some brow pencils and a little artistic ability.  


Need a new look for your hair to match your new makeup style? Why not try out Rainbow hair? This is exactly what it sounds like: your hair dyed into the colors of the rainbow. If you have the extra money to splurge on a salon, it is worth having a professional do this for you. You can attempt to give this a shot at home but the results will vary and they may not be as bright and even as having has a professional do them. Also, there is the new style of rainbow lips and they would go perfectly with your new multicolored hair. If you want a little less semi-permanent hair fun, you can go for glitter roots (with lips to match). Just fix your hair as normal and then make a mixture of hair gel and glitter of your choice. Apply it to your roots, and anywhere else you like on your head, and you’re ready to go! However, be warned that glitter can be very messy and very hard to remove. If you attempt this look you not get it all out in one go and it may leave traces of its existence long after you’ve tried it out.





These trends rotate in and out in the fashion and beauty circles so if you don’t catch on to a trend at the start, there is always another one waiting for you!

The life of a working adult is a constant balance of work, home, and socializing. Until you find that right groove for you, it might seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone get a good night’s sleep. However, getting a good night’s sleep has some amazing health benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

Studies have shown that getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night will produce the best health results your body has to offer overnight. While sleeping, your body is able to replenish your moisture levels so make sure you’re drinking the recommended amount of water each day. This re-moisturizing helps your skin look more nourished and brighter in the morning. Your skin will also face less inflammation as it won’t dry out. Less inflammation can cut down on acne and immune-related skin responses.

Getting to a state of deep sleep will signal to your body to release growth factors as well. These will help your body repair and restore your skin. Remember that recommended seven hours of sleep? Getting that minimum amount in at night is the optimal way to have your body produce Collagen. Collagen is what your skin is made of and it is what we are looking to protect when we use anti-aging products.

Getting a good night’s rest will also reduce your stress levels. The less tired you are, the better mood you are bound to be in when you start your day. This low-stress level will help your body with a better blood flow and that, in turn, will give you a brighter, glowing complexion. Your eyes will also be brighter as those dark, puffy circles you might otherwise have won’t be present. You won’t have to worry about covering more and it’ll save you time in the end. Along those same lines, any products you use during a nightly, pre-bedtime routine will work better. This is because your skin isn’t exposed to direct sunlight or any harsh elements aside from a pillowcase and blanket. As such, the natural production of collagen and moisture from your body with the added products placed on your skin by you will work better together as the skin is left undisturbed for a longer period of time.

As an overall consideration, getting a good night’s rest is also good for your figure. Studies have shown a direct relation between fatigue and obesity. The more sleep you are able to get, the better your appetite will be. This isn’t to say that getting a decent night’s sleep will solve any weight problems but it will help with weight management. You can also look forward to healthier looking hair. The less sleep you obtain each night can cause a list of things to happen to your hair that you might look to avoid. These include loss, breakage, and growth rate. How your hair behaves goes back to the point earlier of increased blood flow. Each hair follicle gets its nutrients this way. If blood flow is poor, your hair’s health will suffer.

All in all, getting a good night’s rest is important for a lot of things in our life. No one likes to wake up tired and no one likes to look tired. If you take care of your body, it will, in turn, take care of you.

Can Botox Cure Acne?

When you think about botox you don’t normally think about it in relation to acne. Instead, it is commonly related to its use to tighten skin, smooth fine lines, and, in some cases, prevent migraines. However, there has been a recent study by Anil R. Shah MD that provides evidence that botox can be used as an acne treatment.

Firstly, what is acne?
Every inch of a human’s body is covered in small openings called pores. Within these pores, there is an oil produced called Sebum. When these pores get clogged with dirt and sweat, the oil creates an acne breakout. These clogs can be the result of genetics, stress dietary changes, and pressure on the skin such as phones and helmets. Large breakouts can be caused by hormonal changes that cause these pores to create an overabundance of oil, which can also clog them.

There are different types of acne breakouts. These include:
Whiteheads: Pores that are closed and plugged up.
Blackheads: These are open and clogged pores that turn brown after being exposed to air.
Papules: Red, tender bumps on the skin.
Pustules: Pimples that contain pus at their tip.
Nodules: Large, painful lumps that are under the surface of the skin.
Cystic Lesions: Painful, pus-filled lumps under the surface of the skin.

As of yet, there are no absolute cures for acne, only preventative measures. The most common types of prevention methods are:
Changes in Lifestyle: Sleeping more, eating less fatty and carb-heavy foods, and drinking plenty of water.
Opening your Pores: This can be done using steam from a humidifier or even the steam from a hot shower.
Daily Cleansing: This can be done with facial washes and astringent, cleansing wipes, and facials. At the very least you should try and wash your face once a day to remove dirt and oil build-up. Some dermatologists will even recommend cleaning your face twice a day.

We can now add Botox to the list of preventative measures. Unfortunately, we cannot declare it as a total cure but don’t be surprised if your dermatologist suggests it as an option for keeping those break-outs at day. During the study performed by Dr. Anil R. Shah, it was found that 85% of the focus group showed significant reductions in the acne that usually appeared on their forehead. While the study was only comprised of Twenty members, this is still a promising result.

While not affiliated with Shah’s study, Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, a dermatologist and clinical professor at NYU and Mount Sinai in NYC stated that  “When you sweat, you release more sebaceous oils that can lead to clogged pores and acne. When we inject Botox into the forehead and between the brow for cosmetic purposes, many patients found that they sweat less, also have a decrease in forehead acne.” It all stands to reason when put in terms like this. As it currently has not been determined a full cure, this would need to be a repeat treatment. Take caution, however, as Botox has been linked to facial paralysis. Make sure you discuss all of your options with your dermatologist and do your research thoroughly. Not all treatments work for everyone and the treatment you choose should be what works well with your skin type.

Welcome to Volition Beauty!

Volition Beauty is a newly founded crowd-sourced cosmetics company. It was launched in September of 2015 by Brandy Hoffman, a beauty executive, and Patricia Santos, a venture capitalist. In an interview with Forbes, the pair stated that their friendship formed over many long flights while championing for another brand. The pair hit it off quickly and the idea for Volition was formed: A cosmetic company by women, for women. Since its inception, the company has launched its own brand of products and the top five products are featured at Sephora. Their sales have gone up 70% every month for the last year, growing exponentially.

The way it works is that women submit ideas for products they are looking for. Either they submit ideas that they have for new products or even submit ideas for products that may exist but they cannot find. From there, the ideas are vetted and looked over for viability and financial feasibility. Once a product has been approved for the production process, it is posted to the Volition website and put up for a public vote. After the allotted time has passed, each product is ranked from the votes it receives and the ones that have met the goal are sent to the partnered production labs to be formulated and tested.

As soon as the product has reached the finishing and packaging stage, small samples are created and sent to the innovator that submitted the idea. From there, the innovator can hand out the samples to women in their life as a means of gathering feedback from a focus group of real women in real-world settings. This feedback is submitted back to the Volition team and they make the necessary adjustments to the formula to make it better. Once these changes are made, the finished product is mass produced and put up for sale on the company’s web store. So far there are less than twenty products up for sale and there are several that are in the production stage, having only recently voted in by the public.  

The innovator’s job isn’t finished once the product has reached the point of sale on the Volition website. Each innovator is given a percentage of the revenue generated from each unit of their product sale. This is a great reward for the innovators whose proposals have made it that far and have gained traction as a product that works. In turn, this encourages other women to propose ideas of their own and continue the process as new products come onto the scene. Every woman has a different perspective and a different need from their beauty products. These different perspectives give way to more and more ideas that make their way onto the market to help other women.

If you have a beauty product idea that you think can help the community, Volition is the perfect place to pitch it. If your idea is accepted you could be the next innovator they feature. So go check out their website and see what this up and coming company has to offer!

Guide to Dry Shampoo

In recent years, dry shampoo has made the rounds back into the spotlight of hair products. It isn’t new by any means, dating all the way back to as early Asia in the 15th-century. It wasn’t commonly known of until 1918 and wasn’t commercially produced until 1940. Now it can be found as part of most women’s beauty routines. But what is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is most commonly used to soak up the grease and natural oils produced on the scalp by a person in between wet washes. It can also be used to freshen up a style as needed. It is made up of five key ingredients. The first is Cornstarch. Like in foods, cornstarch binds fatty acids from an oil and reduces the amount of grease. This can also be used as a substitute for dry shampoo if you happen to be in a pinch. Keep in mind that cornstarch on its own may cause your hair to clump together. Kaolin is another key ingredient. This one, while it also absorbs grease the way cornstarch does, it also removes the greasy shine hair might get after not being washed after a day or so. Kaolin gives hair a matte look. Laminaria Saccharina Extract is the next ingredient. The role it plays is as another moisture absorbent that expands. Magnesium Stearate keeps the cornstarch from clumping. The last of the key ingredients is Denatured Alcohol. It suspends the chemicals in the aerosol can without dissolving them. This element evaporates once it reaches the scalp and absorbs body heat to create a cooling effect.

Now is dry shampoo worth all the fuss? There are two schools of thought on the matter. Dry shampoo is an easy replacement for a wet shampoo wash. It’s convenient grab for anyone on the go and with no time for a wash and dry. Speaking of, dry shampoo eliminates the need to dry your hair, thus saving it from additional heat damage it might ensure otherwise. This product then removes the excess oil from your scalp but not your hair, keeping your hair healthier than the oil stripping wet shampoos on the market. While it may not clean your hair as well as its wet counterpart, it can refresh your hair and your style as needed. However, there are some downsides to this product as there are with most things. There are studies that have emerged in the recent time that dry shampoo can cause hair loss. This is due to the buildup of the powder at the root of each hair. It can cause a blockage that stunts the growth of new hair. While hair loss is on the worse end of the spectrum of downsides, there is also the added fact that it will dull the color of your hair, hindering the natural shine your hair takes on. This is once again due to the powder build up as it dispersed through your hair.

While you consider that information, here are some tips for using dry shampoo. First and foremost, this is NOT a replacement for wet wash shampoo. You should really only use it when regular washing isn’t an option and it shouldn’t be used more than two days in a row. Your hair will need to be wet washed to keep the build-up of all the powder at bay. That is what can cause a dry, itchy scalp and hair loss. When using dry shampoo, only spray the oily areas so the product can effectively do its job. While spraying, keep the bottle at least 6 inches from your scalp, this will prevent an unnecessary amount of powder build up. After spraying, massage your scalp to evenly distribute the product all the way down to your roots. You can also use a wide brush to this job as well. To avoid drying out your ends, avoid spraying them. This can cause excess static and damage them.

You should also take note that there are two different kinds of dry shampoo. For each of these, you are going to want to check the ingredient labels. If the list states that a starch is higher than alcohol, it will dispense more powder and absorb more oil. Conversely, if alcohol is listed higher, this will create more volume when freshening up your style but it won’t absorb as much oil. The spray will be noticeably clearer than a starch-heavy product. Be sure to consider your needs and the needs of your hair and lifestyle before making a choice of whether or not this product is right for you.