Women’s nails are one of the greatest canvases they have on their bodies. Nails can be painted, cleaned, and painted again without too much overall damage to them. If you aren’t up to shelling out the extra money for a professional, there are kits available to achieve the look you want. Here are some of the newest nail trends to hit the streets straight off of the New York Fashion Week runway.

Nails with jeweled accents have made a comeback. While you might want to skip the dripping gold chains and large jewels, there are some smaller, simpler options. Base paint your nails with a seasonal color like Rose and add on some small rhinestones or even dust the tips (or the entire nail) in some glitter. Goth Glam nails are also making waves in the embellished nail trend. These are accomplished with darker colors like Smoky Grays and Swamp Greens and adding skull lay on art or heavier 3D goth glam kit items. There is a useful tutorial here that will help you with the basics of applying the embellishments.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t weigh your nails down and can be a little more inconspicuous, gilded texture nails are a nice touch. These are done with a coat of clear nail polish and the application of small, thin gilded sheets of gold, bronze, and silver all laid over and around each other. Seal the look with another coat of clear polish and the look is complete. This look can also be managed with mixed metal polishes. Grab and a bottle of those three colors and apply them to the nail, making sure to get extra coats so the metals really pop. If these seem a little too time intensive for your busy schedule and you want something simple, go for straight gold nails. Two coats should be all you need for a bright gold finish.

Now, if you aren’t into painting your entire nail, there are other options as well. Negative Space nails are abstract and very in. You start by applying a base coat of a neutral color and follow up with a bolder color like Grass Green or Acai and only paint a line in the center either horizontally or vertically. An interesting new design is an Industrial look. Start by painting your thumb, index, and middle fingers all one solid color like Cactus Flower. Then on your ring finger, paint half of it the first color and the other half a second color like Soft Pink. Follow that up with your pinky finger in the second color and the look is complete. Another trend is called the mirrored wave. Start off the look with a light base color like Buttercup yellow and follow up with a darker color like Brunette. Take the second color and apply it to the top and bottom third of the nails, creating waves towards the center band of the lighter color.

The new half moon is also in style. Apply two thin coats of a light color like Orchard to the entire nail. Follow that up with two coats of a darker color on the top quarter of the nail, making sure its bottom edge is a crescent shape in the center of the nail. A similar look is called the Split Space. This is applying a coat of natural color to the nails and then following up with a darker or brighter color, like Orange, in a diagonal sweep from the top of the nail to the bottom. The next trend is for the ultimate lazy girl that just wants a little more glam to her style. This is called the Low Maintenance look. You paint just your ring fingers with a shade of bright Red or Mineral Blue and you leave the rest of the nails natural. Easy to apply and easy to maintain.

There are so many looks that are super easy to achieve, whether you try on your own or purchase a kit from your local beauty supply chain. Make your look your own and up your style this season.



Autumn Hair

With summer a warm memory in our minds, we shift our attention to finer things with come with autumn: everything pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and new hair trends. With the weather changing and school kicking into gear, there is nothing better than a change in style to compliment the changing leaves. So far we’re following some of the same summer trends like loose beach waves and ponytails but there still some new trends that are worth giving note to like Black Bows. Now, hear me out, these might seem like a childish accessory but they have made a roaring comeback on the runways this fall season. Opt for larger, velvet bows with tendrils that hang to match the length of your hair. These paired with a ponytail is a cute and flirty style that happens to be easy and a time saver when you’re in a rush in the morning.

If you’re looking for a fresh look you can always go for a close shave. This look has been coming back into style and it looks great! This is the perfect way to get a hair do-over if you’re looking for a way to get your hair fresh and new. Just bear in mind that this look does have some maintenance that needs to be maintained or else you might run into problems of it growing out uneven and messy in a bad way. Having your hair shaved also gives you more of an excuse for cute knit hats and beanies as the weather gets colder! Now, if you aren’t feeling bold enough to rock a shaved head, you can go for a cropped bob. Get rid of those dead ends and lose some length for a light and clean feeling cut. You can still pull off those loose waves while keeping your ears and neck warm and covered.

Keeping in the same vein of fresh, clean hair, you might consider looking into a clarifying treatment. You can invest in a salon grade clarifying shampoo or head to your stylist for a professional treatment. Clarifying treatments help remove all the built up product we’ve loaded our hair up with during the summer to combat the summer heat and humidity. Follow up your clarifying treatment with a deep condition. This locks in moisture to your locks and keeps them looking healthy and vibrant. The colder weather can cause our hair to dry out and become brittle and lackluster. Natural oils and hot oil treatments benefit your hair well paired with the deep conditioning. They complement the oil your scalp naturally produces to add an extra layer of protection.

Don’t forget to invest in some anti-frizz products. While no product can eliminate frizz completely,  there are products on the market that can dramatically decrease it. Products with natural ingredients won’t strip your hair of the things that give it strength and shine. Always make sure you know what you’re putting into your hair to further decrease damage to it. As the temperature drops and the humidity retreats for the winter, there are more damaging elements your hair will be exposed to. On top of the changes in weather, the changes in our clothes can affect our hair. Be warned that wool products can damage hair the more it comes into contact with it either in the form of a scarf or hat.

As always, all hair is different to each person and only you know what works best for you and your style. Just be sure to stay safe and keep your hair happy and healthy.

Previously, we got down to some of the most common tips for straightening hair. There are so many to be found everywhere, we’re continuing on with four more tips that those who flat iron often will want to keep in mind. This time around the tips will focus more on the efficiency factors that can help you save time when it comes to getting the job done. Let’s dive in.

Plate Types are Important

  • When choosing your flat iron, looking at the plates they come with will play and role in helping you get a better look. The two most common choices come down to ceramic and titanium and there is a lot of debate between the two.
    • Ceramic plated flat irons are more cost effective than their titanium counterparts. They are also known to distribute heat more efficiently during the styling process. They do take longer to heat, unfortunately, but this does make them ideal for home use. Also be aware that as you use the ceramic plated tool, it will lose some of its heat as you go and will need a little time to regain the right temperature. When choosing a ceramic styling tool, make sure they are true ceramic and not ceramic coated. Ceramic coated plates are aluminum underneath and can be very damaging to your hair.
    • Titanium plates are the most effective type of styling tool when it comes to getting straighter hair. These kinds of tools reach their desired temperature much more quickly than ceramic and while this is very useful when you’re in a hurry, it has the potential to cause serious damage to your hair. Opt for lower temperature settings when using titanium plates. These types of tools are more often found in salons with professionals, as they know how to handle the heat on a person’s hair. If you have thicker hair, titanium plated tools might be more effective since they won’t lose their heat as it distributes through your strands of hair.

Size Matters

  • Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your flatiron. The larger the plates are, the more time they will take to heat up and the more area they will cover. However, just because you can fit more hair between the plates, doesn’t mean it will be more effective than smaller sized plates.  Many stylists will recommend not going larger than 1-½ inches in size for your tool of choice. The smaller the size, the less time they take to heat up and the quicker you can achieve your ideal look. Another thing to consider is that small tools will be more effective when it comes to reaching the roots of your hair.

Sections to Make it Even

  • A common tip for doing any hairstyle is to section the hair off. Using a large clip or loose bands can prevent the need for extra work as you style as they will not crimp the hair where they latch. Dividing the hair into smaller sections will not only help to create a more even finished look, but it will keep your tools from losing too much heat as they are being run over your hair. If the sections are too thick, the flat iron will have to work harder to maintain its temperature. At that point you could be looking at a longer finish time or an uneven look.


As we talked about before, choosing the right tool and right style for you will all depend on you and your hair’s needs. Determine what tool and products you use based on your desired goals and hair type. Always keep in mind that you want to keep your hair’s health as optimal as you can.

With so many ‘Hair Hacks” floating around the internet these days, you may be tempted to try some strange things with your hair. Everything from dying your hair with a pack of Kool-Aid drink mix to using cornstarch in place of dry shampoo have become commonplace for hair go-to’s in a pinch. However, there are still some hairstyles that are easy to do for less time than you think. One of the more common styles is hair straightening. There are many myths and tips on how to get the best and straightest hair possible. Below is a list of the most common tips and tricks to protect your hair and get a great style.

Be Aware of how you Wash Your Hair

  • There are many shampoos and conditioners out on the market that claim to help make hair straighter. The fact is, there isn’t one singular product that can make hair straight. Products that that advertise smoother hair may help provide extra moisture to prepare hair for having a flat iron or curling iron run over it.

Blow Dryer Direction is Important

  • A lot times when we’re drying out hair, we give no thought into how we hold and point the nozzle of our hair dryers, opting to dry our hair as fast as possible. In the interest of a smoother, less frizzy straightening experience, point the nozzle downward as you brush. The end result is a less frizzy head of hair and it’ll help give your hair a bit of volume even before you break out the flat iron.

Remember to use Protection

  • Try out a thermal protection spray. These sprays are designed to keep hair from taking a lot damage during the hot styling process. Often these sprays are made with compounds that reduce the frizz that might result from long-term hair styling without the same heavy additives found in mousse and gel. They also protect your hair from drying out  if you choose to use high heat elements.

Beware the Sizzle

  • All too often, women find themselves in a hurry when getting ready for work, school, or an outing. Everyone has been guilty of using a hot styling equipment on hair that may not be entirely dry or has unevenly applied product in it. This can cause some serious damage to your hair and even put a damper on the outcome of your efforts. Running the hot plates over wet hair creates humidity within your strands and that can cause your hair to frizz up instead of taking on the glossy shine flat irons can create. If styling product is unevenly applied, the flat iron will dry it into clumps in your hair and create stiff sections that will break apart unevenly.

Higher Heat Might Mean More Damage

  • All flat irons come with heat settings. Sometimes they’ll come labeled with “High”, “Medium”, “Low” settings and sometimes they come with numbered temperature gauges. Most stylists will recommend using medium-high heat when styling from home. We’re more tempted to go over the sections of hair multiple times when they don’t come out as straight as we’d like them and the higher the heat, the more damage your hair will take. However, if you have thicker hair, higher heat will be more helpful in achieving your ideal look as the high heat will ensure it is spread evenly throughout the strands..

It’s all in How you Finish

  • There is nothing more disappointing than spending time getting your hair perfect and having it all just come undone the moment you step out the door. Hair done right can hold its straight style for days before being washed or getting wet. This hold can be helped by the product you choose to finish your hair with. Added mousse and gel can make your hair chunky and loose that smooth look. The same can said for heavy hair spray. A good tip is to spray your brush with a light hairspray and comb it through the strands. It provides and even coating throughout and helps you to avoid having your roots look solid from spraying just around the top of your head.


Not all tips work for everyone as everyone has different hair that acts on its own accord. The real trick is to find the product and methods that work best for you that cause your hair the least amount of harm.

If you’ve decided to enroll in cosmetology school, you’re going to want to make the most of your time. You want the experience to be a success, and everyone wants you to graduate as a cosmetologist ready to take on the world. How can you make sure your time in school is successful? We’ve got a few ideas!

You might not realize it now, but you’ll need school supplies and books to succeed in beauty school just like at any school. At ABS, we recommend students have pens, pencils, a binder, highlighters, notebooks, Duck Tape, index cards, sheet protectors and more. These items are in addition to your kit and will keep your organized. You’ll need more supplies than a flat iron and curling wand if you want to succeed in beauty school.

You’ve got the material – now use it! Seems obvious, we know, but the best way to succeed in cosmetology school is to study the material your instructors give you. Your first weeks in school will be book-focused.  If you don’t focus, you may fail Midterm, which means you can’t get onto the clinic floor, and your whole graduation schedule will be off. If there’s ever a topic you don’t understand, it’s totally OK to ask questions and get help. No one is expecting students to get all of this cosmetology info right the first time. It can be a lot to take in, so listen, so ask questions, take notes and read your books. That will put you on the track to success.

One of the easiest ways to succeed in cosmetology school is by staying productive. On the clinic floor, you’re responsible for your time. It’s not like in the classroom where a teacher is going through a book or assigning homework. You need to be self-motivated on the floor, just like at a real salon.

There are a few ways to stay productive. Work on your guests’ hair, which is how most students prefer to stay busy. If your books aren’t filling up, start marketing yourself! Take advantage of the promotions going on at your school and let your friends and family know about the deals. Advertise your skills on social media, pass out business cards to people you meet, and do amazing work – then you’ll stay busy through word of mouth. If you don’t have a client to work on, you need to practice on mannequin heads or talk about retail with guests in the lobby. You could also read about the latest hair styles or work in your textbooks.

Working on your mannequin heads is a great way to stay productive. Your mannequin is also a great way to practice styles you don’t normally get to try. One day your mannequin can be a pinup girl with victory rolls and the next she can be an avant-garde hair model. You might not be able to try these hair styles on real guests, but when you graduate from beauty school, you’ll want to have learned as many hair styles as possible.

Drama is bad. A lot of students start beauty school starry-eyed and excited. As the weeks go on, they start to hear gossip and fall into drama, and their attitude changes. Drama can make your experience at any beauty school overwhelming and less enjoyable. There will always be someone who lives for drama, but if you want to be successful, avoid that. Focus on you and your goals. If a problem arises, ask yourself if it’s worth fussing over. This may be a cliche, but in beauty school, you really can’t afford to sweat the small stuff. If it doesn’t interfere with your happiness and career, then whatever problem you run into isn’t really a problem. Keep the end game in mind and work hard towards graduating with the most knowledge possible.

Some Grooming Tips

Personal grooming refers to an art which helps individuals to clean and maintain their body parts. Human beings need to wash, clean their body parts to look good and for personal hygiene as well. Personal grooming helps in enhancing an individual’s self esteem and also goes a long way in developing an attractive personality.

Personal grooming does not mean applying loads of makeup and wearing expensive clothes. It refers to cleaning and maintaining each and every body part for a pleasing appearance. No one likes to talk to someone who is dirty and does not take care of personal hygiene and grooming.

Do not keep long hair if you can’t maintain it. Remember your hairstyle must suit the shape of your face. It is essential to wash your hair at least thrice a week (especially if you are working) with a good shampoo and a mild conditioner. Excessive shampooing can also sometimes damage your hair. Do not forget to apply hair oil to provide the required nourishment to your hair. Comb your hair with a good hair brush which does not break your hair. Never scratch your head in public. If you have medium to long hair, tie it properly in a neat bun or a high pony tail.

Nothing looks better than a glowing and healthy skin. Merely applying layers of makeup will not make you look beautiful unless you are healthy from within. Drink lots of water and do take care of your diet for a flawless skin. Intake of fruits and green vegetables will restore the glow on your face. Sleep well. Wash your face at regular intervals and make sure you do not sleep with your makeup on. Do not apply just any cream on your face. Go for a trusted brand and something which you have used before. Never step out in the sun without applying a good sunscreen with SPF of minimum 25. (Ideal for Indian skin). Choose the right moisturizer to avoid chapped skin in winters. Do not forget that all cosmetics come with an expiry date. Replace your cosmetics within seven to eight months of purchase. It is always advisable to go for a patch test before trying a new product.

Hands should be clean and nails properly trimmed and manicured. Many women tend to ignore their feet and toe nails. Give yourself a pedicure once in fifteen days to keep your feet healthy and clean. Apply a good foot cream to get rid of cracks. Do not apply gaudy nail paints. Coat your nails with a transparent nail shiner. Dirty fingernails not only look disgusting but are harmful for your health as well.

Who says you have to apply layers of make-up to look good? You can make heads turn even with minimal make up. Never apply cakey makeup. Applying excessive foundation will not give you a white complexion but make you look like a clown. Do not overdo colors on lips or eyes. Red patches on face look undesirable. Go for a simple look.

Dress sensibly. Make sure your clothes are clean and properly ironed. There should be no visible sweat stains on your dress. Remember, a female must always smell good. Apply a mild deodorant or talc. Look fresh.


Professional Style

Dressing for success includes a lot more than just choosing the right outfit. To complete your professional look, you must also consider accessories and personal grooming.  How you present yourself to others can make or break a job interview, or even cost (or help foster) you a promotion at work. Your appearance is your employer’s appearance.  That is, how you present yourself at work is a direct reflection of your employer as well.

You should always dress to impress clients, investors, and customers because a winning sales pitch is not enough to seal the deal. A woman’s professional appearance needs to support her professional accomplishments and not show off the “wrong” assets. One of the simplest, yet best bits of advice regarding dressing for the workplace is probably the most obvious: know the dress code of your employer!

If your business attire is distracting others (you want them to look you in the eye, not the chest bursting out of a too-tight shirt or daring neckline) because it is too sexy, drab, or colorful, your business contacts may focus on how you look, not on your business skills.

Do not let the first impression you make about yourself be your personal scent preferences! Avoid wearing perfume and heavily-scented products in all business settings. You might like them, but they have no place in a business environment. Scents can trigger asthma, overpower a room, and are often more offensive than pleasing to others.

Women often use their hands to talk with, so they become a focal point. It is important to have hands and fingernails looking professional, not like you are heading out for a wild night on the town. Nails should be clean and trimmed or sculpted. Avoid wearing unusual or shocking nail colors. Nail art and nail jewels are not acceptable for business meetings.

Style should be neat and conservative, and preferably off the face. With few exceptions, hair color should not be shocking or unusual (leave blue hair for Halloween). Hair sprays and gels that have a strong scent or odor should be avoided.

Jewelry should not be noisy (no metal bangle bracelets), too large, or costume jewelry that is gaudy. Keep earrings small, simple, and above the earlobe.

It is better to wear no jewelry at all than to wear too much jewelry, but all business women should at least wear a nice, conservative wrist watch.

Demonstrating that you care about your personal appearance communicates to the person you are meeting with that they are important to you. Paying attention to the details of your appearance sends a message to others that you will also pay close attention to business details, and the needs of your customers and clients.

Fall is Coming

When most think of the Fall season beautiful autumn leaves, adorable overcoats, and fashion-forward boots come to mind. Something else that seems to go hand in hand with the lovely Fall season is dry, brittle and damaged hair. Lucky for you, this doesn’t have to be your story. Check out these tips on keeping your tresses in tip top shape this Fall.

Condition, condition, condition! This tip probably sounds like the same old broken record playing over and over, but deep conditioning is extremely important to any hair care regimen and even more important during the Fall and Winter months. Having clean hair is extremely important, but while shampooing helps to rid your hair of any impurities, it can also strip your hair of its natural oils leaving hair dry and brittle. Cold weather only seems to worsen these conditions. Moisturizing deep conditioners assist in combating this issue. Adding a deep conditioner to your hair care regimen may add a few more minutes to your routine, but it is certainly worth it in the long run.

Trim off the dead stuff. Getting rid of split and brittle ends that have been damaged by hair summer rays  is one of the best things that you can do for your hair this time of year. There are some who suggest that you should trim your ends every six to eight weeks. Then, there are others who believe that trimming your ends that frequently isn’t necessary. I don’t feel that there is one blanket trimming schedule that applies to all women. When you notice that your ends are damaged and splitting, get rid of them.

As your hair is forced to endure beatings from high winds and cold weather, it tends to dry out a bit.  Adding moisture to  your hair is great; but it is not enough to keep your hair hydrated.Once you’ve washed or wet your hair, try applying a water based leave-in conditioner or moisturizer and following up with an oil or butter such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, mango butter or raw shea butter. Water and moisturizers are what add moisture to your hair, but the oils or butters are what seals it in.

Not so fast on those fashionable choices, wool scarves and jacket collars are guilty of damaging the ends of fabulous tresses across the globe. As temperatures drop, many ladies are reaching for the wool scarves and pea coats. I know the temptation to strut down the street in your fine wool pea coat with with your hair “flowy” and flying in the wind. Wool causes breakage due to friction, it also has a tendency to deplete your hair of necessary moisture.

Due to the dry condition that the cold weather has a tendency to put hair in, protective hair styles are super helpful. Protective hair styles that require low or no manipulation styles that put hair up and away giving it a break and shielding it from harmful elements, which helps in preventing breakage.

In a previous article, we delved in to the process of finding a beauty school to match what you want to do in your pursuit of becoming a licensed cosmetologist. However, it wasn’t fully talked about how LONG beauty school takes and how much time you can expect to dedicate to your schooling and training. In this article, we’re going to go over that, just so you have all the information you may need to fully begin the process.

Aside from getting into an industry that is creative, fast-paced and often times very flexible, one of the biggest perks about cosmetology school is the amount of time you can complete a beauty program and get started in your career.  Unlike traditional colleges, which will often take you four years to complete a bachelor’s degree, you can find a cosmetology school that allows you to complete your training in as little as eight months or up to two years depending on if you decide to pursue your education full or part-time.  Some schools require that you complete the necessary training in a set amount of time, so it is important to check with schools you are interested in.  On average, a full cosmetology program can be completed in 12 to 14 months.

Each state has its own licensing requirements for cosmetology professionals, which will be the main factor in how many hours you will be required to complete in a beauty program from an accredited cosmetology school. Typically, you will attend school six to eight hours a day, as if you were working a full-time job, five days a week. For example, in Tennessee you must complete 1,500 hours of cosmetology school before applying for your license, with most programs being able to be finished in roughly a year.

The next thing to consider when looking at cosmetology schools is to look at different programs. The amount of time it takes to complete a full cosmetology program that covers hairstyling, makeup, esthetics, nails and more will take you longer than if you opt for choosing to focus on a specialty. Again, these specialized programs, such as massage therapy, barbering and makeup, are based on the required hours on a state-by-state level so each program will vary slightly. A good rule of thumb is a program that requires 600 hours of training will last roughly five months and a program that requires 750 hours of training may take closer to six months.

A number of students who are interested in going to beauty school will choose to take classes and training on a part-time basis.  Often times, these students are parents or have decided to work part-time in order to pay for tuition costs without any financial aid.  A majority of the cosmetology schools across the country will give you this option, but be sure to check when searching for programs in your area to see if your state requires you finish your training within a maximum time frame. Don’t want to begin only to learn that you have to finish the program sooner than later, when the option for full-time schooling is not on the table for you.

And there we have it, folks. We are getting to that time of year where decisions have to be made on future careers. Why not check out Arkansas Beauty School in the Little Rock area? They offer financial aid, full-time and part-time schedules, and more!

There are a few more things to keep in mind when deciding on what school you want to go to. So I’ve decided to write up a second part here, just so you get a bit more information as we get closer to the new school year starting. It is already the middle of July!

Don’t wait to talk about what comes after graduation until you’re about to finish school. When you enroll, make sure you are on the same page with your counselor or advisor as far as career outcomes and possible places that hire their graduates. You should also have regular check-ins to make sure you are meeting goals and keeping up with your training requirements. Having good relations with your school can also help you build a solid support system while you gain the confidence to work in a real professional environment. Figure out what’s going to be in store for you after graduation, so you have a plan in place to reach your personal success.

Another thing to look for when choosing a beauty school are opportunities for professional development. Some cosmetology programs offer information and curriculum about managing salons and doing freelance work. It can be a lifesaver to learn the basics of accounting, and keeping track of your business expenses. This information can be helpful to salon workers as well, since you may wind up working as an independent contractor, and responsible for reporting the correct income and deductions.

Having good people skills is also important to cosmetologists. Look for a curriculum that includes coursework about how to conduct yourself in the most professional way in your workplace. This doesn’t mean you have to be stoic and hide your personality. But you must learn to strike a balance between staying focused on your job and connecting with your clients on an appropriate, yet personal level. A quality cosmetology program will include some of this information, even if it’s through one-on-one consultation with your advisor or counselor.

Many beauty professionals enjoy the freedom of being their own boss, and working their own hours. What’s also nice about these occupations is the flexibility that they can provide for students who want to continue their education. Many states require professionals to take continuing education courses between periods of renewal. When you speak with schools, you need to bring up the topic of licensure. If the program you are looking at isn’t equipped to help you pass the required examination and training hours then you should consider other options.

If you are wanting to stay close to home when deciding which beauty school you want to go to, there are many methods to find that local school that offers the program and curriculum you like. There are websites available that give you the ability to search local schools and see what their programs are, as well as cost. Facebook is also a very nice tool to use, as simply searching for schools in your area can bring up local cosmetology schools. Use what you feel is best for you!

At Arkansas Beauty School, we offer top tier training to prepare future cosmetologists for their future!