Women’s nails are one of the greatest canvases they have on their bodies. Nails can be painted, cleaned, and painted again without too much overall damage to them. If you aren’t up to shelling out the extra money for a professional, there are kits available to achieve the look you want. Here are some of the newest nail trends to hit the streets straight off of the New York Fashion Week runway.

Nails with jeweled accents have made a comeback. While you might want to skip the dripping gold chains and large jewels, there are some smaller, simpler options. Base paint your nails with a seasonal color like Rose and add on some small rhinestones or even dust the tips (or the entire nail) in some glitter. Goth Glam nails are also making waves in the embellished nail trend. These are accomplished with darker colors like Smoky Grays and Swamp Greens and adding skull lay on art or heavier 3D goth glam kit items. There is a useful tutorial here that will help you with the basics of applying the embellishments.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t weigh your nails down and can be a little more inconspicuous, gilded texture nails are a nice touch. These are done with a coat of clear nail polish and the application of small, thin gilded sheets of gold, bronze, and silver all laid over and around each other. Seal the look with another coat of clear polish and the look is complete. This look can also be managed with mixed metal polishes. Grab and a bottle of those three colors and apply them to the nail, making sure to get extra coats so the metals really pop. If these seem a little too time intensive for your busy schedule and you want something simple, go for straight gold nails. Two coats should be all you need for a bright gold finish.

Now, if you aren’t into painting your entire nail, there are other options as well. Negative Space nails are abstract and very in. You start by applying a base coat of a neutral color and follow up with a bolder color like Grass Green or Acai and only paint a line in the center either horizontally or vertically. An interesting new design is an Industrial look. Start by painting your thumb, index, and middle fingers all one solid color like Cactus Flower. Then on your ring finger, paint half of it the first color and the other half a second color like Soft Pink. Follow that up with your pinky finger in the second color and the look is complete. Another trend is called the mirrored wave. Start off the look with a light base color like Buttercup yellow and follow up with a darker color like Brunette. Take the second color and apply it to the top and bottom third of the nails, creating waves towards the center band of the lighter color.

The new half moon is also in style. Apply two thin coats of a light color like Orchard to the entire nail. Follow that up with two coats of a darker color on the top quarter of the nail, making sure its bottom edge is a crescent shape in the center of the nail. A similar look is called the Split Space. This is applying a coat of natural color to the nails and then following up with a darker or brighter color, like Orange, in a diagonal sweep from the top of the nail to the bottom. The next trend is for the ultimate lazy girl that just wants a little more glam to her style. This is called the Low Maintenance look. You paint just your ring fingers with a shade of bright Red or Mineral Blue and you leave the rest of the nails natural. Easy to apply and easy to maintain.

There are so many looks that are super easy to achieve, whether you try on your own or purchase a kit from your local beauty supply chain. Make your look your own and up your style this season.



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