Face Masks

We all know face masks have had a steady rise in popularity recently, especially with the charcoal peels making waves around YouTube. With so many different options, it might be hard to choose which one is the best to use on your skin. In the end, it will really come down to what you’re trying to achieve with the mask. Are you looking to remove blackheads buried in your skin or are you trying to remove the excess oil from your skin? There are so many different options that it is good to go into the process knowing what you are getting, making sure the quality isn’t lacking in the product you choose.

Caffeine-infused facial masks are great for easing the puffiness from under your eyes while it works to brighten your complexion. If coffee isn’t your thing, there is another option for tea drinkers. Masks that contain kombucha (black tea ferment) can help to prevent wrinkles and make your face softer and smoother. This is because of kombucha in an advanced antioxidant. Cloth masks give are going to give you softer skin while delivering large amounts of active ingredients into it. Of course, we have to mention the charcoal masks. Using a mask with active charcoal will act like a magnet and get deep in your pores to remove dirt and stubborn blackheads. These masks can give you some acne relief for up to a week between each use.

If you’re short on time but are looking for quicker results, there are instant face masks that provide hydrating vitamins within minutes. For quick eye treatments, there are also 15-minute eye masks that reduce puffiness and restore your skin. Try out clay masks if you need to draw toxins out of your skin and reduce oil production that can cause acne breakouts. Experts advise not using these more than twice a week and not letting them dry completely or else you might face skin dehydration and irritation.

Peel-off masks are good for stimulating the blood supply in the skin around your face to give it a healthy glow as well as some added hydration. Use a thermal mask that heats up during use to help your skin breathe easier and feel refreshed after use. Letting your pores open will give you a good chance to clean them and avoid breakouts. Vitamin C masks help to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of brown spots. You can also find anti-aging and skin tightening properties as well.

As if you needed more reasons to use these face masks, there are some overall benefits to them in the long run. You can look forward to unclogged pores with extended use. If your pores are clean and clear you’ll have fewer breakouts and fewer blackheads to worry about. Look forward to that aftercare glow after each use as well. To extend that healthy skin feeling, pair your mask with an equally hydrating and stimulating moisturizer. Face masks will also reduce fine lines and tighten your skin up. Bye, bye wrinkles.

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