Hanacure Facial Mask

While we talked about different kinds of facial masks, there was a brand that stood out as a true contender on the market right now. The Hanacure facial mask is still young in its lifespan, only having gone live in January of 2017. It originates from South Korea, a country that has been a leader in skin care products, and is inspired by the lotus flower which is a symbol of purity and rebirth- fitting for a skincare line of this caliber. Hanacure has spent over 20 years perfecting their formulas to create the perfect products to help skin look younger and healthier with each use. Their claim is that with dedicated use, this facial mask will continually improve your skin in a matter of 30-minutes per use.

The Hanacure facial mask addresses multiple signs of aging, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. It can also ease the effect of Hyperpigmentation- when melanin forms deposits in the skin and causes it to become dark in some areas than others. You can also use this along with your current skin routine to heighten the effects of the mask. While results might not be obviously instant, use for 4-weeks, just 30-minutes for each use, the results will become more and more noticeable. Continuous, regular, use will only provide more benefits.

When purchasing the kit, you will receive a package with 4 Lifting Serum ampoules, 4 Gelling Packets, and a reusable application brush. The mask is a two-step system that begins with the lifting serum. Start by mixing the lifting serum with the gelling packet and apply to your skin. The website suggests minimizing facial movements to gain the full effects and testimonials have suggested that facial movement becomes difficult as the mask sets. The tightening is a result of the carbon dioxide in the air infusing into the formula. One of the more exciting benefits of this mask is that you don’t have to peel it off. Instead, you can rinse with warm water and follow up with your regular moisturizer. The formula this product is made of includes a blend of peptides and botanical extracts that soothe irritation and brightens and moisturizes skin.

Since its launch, this product has been difficult to get a hold of. The popularity it gained right off the bat is another testament to its effectiveness. If you do decide to give this product a try, you can opt for the 4-week package and it will run you $ 110 with shipping. There is also a single use option that costs $29 with shipping. You’ll only receive one Lifting Serum, Gelling packet, and brush if you chose this is the option for you. Going with the single-use start kit you can see first hand how this product will work for you. Their website has more details on the science behind the product complete with before and after pictures from actual clients. Right now you can only find the 4-week and Start Kit in their web-store but we’re betting there are only more great things to come from this company and their skin care products.

If you’re interested in testimonials, their Instagram is full of them from real consumers.

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