When it comes to a woman’s beauty routine, there can be a lot of products and tools involved. These can range from brushes for your hair or face to hair styling tools. Keeping these products clean is essential to the health of your skin and hair. If your make-up tools are dirty you can risk skin irritation and even acne breakouts. Product buildup on your hairbrushes and hot tools can dry out your hair and even cause damage to the tools themselves. You can also expect a less stress on yourself as well since having clean tools each use will be more pleasant to look at and use. Here are some basic cleaning tips for the tools you might use on a regular basis while getting ready.


Make-Up Tools

Now, this has been touched on more in depth here and includes the benefits and time frame of how often your make-up brushes and blenders should be cleaned. For now we’ll just look at a few cleaning options for these tools. You can start by soaking your beauty blender in warm water overnight. This will loosen the caked on product and after you rinse it out it will nearly like new. Clean your shadow and blush brushes with gentle soap and water and let them dry in a open place. Never seal your wet and used tools in containers or plastic bags as this will encourage the growth of bacteria and increase your risk for infections.


Hot Tools

A problem we all face is the buildup of gel, hairspray, and other such products on our flat irons and curlers. This buildup with will prevent an even amount of heat from being distributed onto your hair. When this happens you risk damaging your hair since you’ll find yourself using the tool over the same strands of hair more than once- something advised against if you can help it. An easy cleaning solution for both of these tools is the trusty mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste on your tools and rub it in gently, The gunk and buildup will come off in no time and you’ll save yourself from having to replace these items every time they start to look worse for wear. You might also try straight rubbing alcohol. This is particularly useful on your sticky curling irons.


Hair Brush

Just like your hot tools, hair brushes will also get a buildup of product but it’ll be coupled with old hair and dead skin that collects in the nest of the bristles. Take the time once a week to clean out your brush. Start by removing all of the built up hair. At that point you can use a gentle wash of warm water and shampoo. If you’re using a wooden handled brush, it is best not to soak it to avoid ruining the wood finish. Opt to just swish the bristles in water and let them dry.



Okay, this might not seem like a super important part of your beauty routine but toothbrushes are what keep your smile bright and your mouth clean. If your toothbrush isn’t cleaned properly you could be looking at bacterial buildup that can lead to serious tooth problems down the line. The easiest cleaning method, aside from rinsing after every use, is to soak the head in hot salt water. You can also soak the head in antibacterial mouthwash for 15 minutes to kill any lingering bacteria.


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