Marketing and Your Salon

When you are feeling down, what helps cheer you up? Maybe a bit of pampering, or treating yourself to a day at the spa, even going to a salon and seeing your favorite stylist, perhaps? When deciding what sort of marketing strategy to use for your salon, think of what a salon can do for people on an emotional level, just as much as you think of the more simple needs like products and services you offer. People want to feel good as much as they want to look good, so cater to both.

In order to find the client you really want to secure, you’re going to want to check out the demographics in your community. If you have younger clients, you may be focusing your marketing on them by promoting the latest styles and trends. Have an older clientele? They will be more focused on beauty regimens that can de-age someone and make them look as young as possible. Holding educational workshops at your business that discuss health practices and treatments that can help someone appear younger could also be a great marketing method. Products tend to provide the most profit in a salon, while the special services come next in line when it comes to profit.

What is one word that can snag you when seeing an advertisement or brochure? I bet you thought the word “free.”

This isn’t a new and exciting thought when it comes to marketing, but it is a tried-and-true method. Only the word “discount” comes close to being just as powerful. Both words imply something they must act on quickly, and it can get them in the door. The trick is to turn those customers who are lured by the idea of a discounted service in to loyal clients. If you offer a comforting, welcoming atmosphere in your salon, as well as a few freebies like tea, or healthy snacks, the client may be inclined to return due to the calming nature of your place of business.

Now comes the time to look at online marketing, and by that, I mean creating a social media presence for your business. Build a business Facebook page for your salon, and create a Twitter as well. Use Twitter to post about upcoming sales and potential demonstrations by reps from the big beauty brands.  Make sure to promote your Twitter and Facebook in any ads you create, on your website, and on business cards and the window of your salon. Use social media to your advantage, and get business rolling.

Use of these marketing ideas can help your business grow and be successful. Learn from your customers and use their lifestyle preferences as a marketing tool. Get out in to your community to spread your name and business by giving back and being a part of it. Being successful at marketing is creating a bond of trust between yourself and your clients, that way they remain loyal to you and your brand

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