New Year’s Resolutions are as easy to make as they are to break. We’ve all been guilty of making a resolution with every intention in the world to carry it through and then come January 2nd, it goes right out the window (I’ll start that diet next Monday, right?! Right?!). While it is never a bad idea to set goals for yourself, start with things that within your power to reach right now. For instance, starting a new beauty routine for the year. Taking care if your body and your skin is just as important as anything else you might be thinking of adding to your list so here are some resolutions you can make to up your beauty game.

Working on Your Brow Game
There is so much work that goes into taking care of your eyebrows as it is. Between shaping and filling and maintenance it might seem daunting. A lot of women are already up on their brow care but if you’ve missed those last waxing or plucking sessions, this new year is the perfect time to get back into those good habits. Besides, once you start, and keep up, with your brows look, it’ll only get easier as you go. Along the way, you might yourself a new look you might have been missing out.

Keeping Your Skin Protected
More than ever, the number of cases of skin cancer is on the rise. Now, don’t get too freaked out by the ‘C’ word as this isn’t an instantaneous occurrence. The more often you skip out on grabbing the Sunscreen, the higher your risk becomes, especially during the sunnier months of the year. That’s not to say you should skip out during the winter, though. Your skin may not get as much sun but it is exposed to harsher, dryer elements that can just as easily damage your skin.

Catching Some Extra ZZZ’s
Now, this isn’t exclusive to your beauty routine. Getting a good night’s rest has a lot of benefits. Getting your recommended daily amount of sleep will not only sharpen your mind and provide some weight loss benefits but it will also make your skin look so much better. What is more exciting than waking up feeling rested to take on the day AND having clearer, healthier looking skin?

Not Looking Perfect All the Time
Okay, hear me out: It is OK to skip your makeup and routine if you aren’t feeling up to it. There is no real pressure for you to look perfect all of the time and if there is, you might want to take a look at where that is coming from. If you wake up and feel sick or you’re running late, or you just don’t feel up to the task, no one has the right to blame you and you shouldn’t let yourself feel stressed out about it. Not everyone is going to look 100%, 100% of the time.

Cleaning Your Makeup Kits
We’ve already talked about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes and blenders here but it is worth mentioning again. Keeping the tools that are constantly in contact with your face should be cleaned pretty regularly. The longer you go without, he more dirt and bacteria can build up. In turn, that will all be scrubbed into your skin and around your eyes and can have so many side effects.

Protecting Those Locks
Where some women take pride in their makeup game, there are also women that take pride in their hair game (or both!). If you find that you use a lot of heat-producing tools on your hair, you’ll want to use protection. There are many products on the market that can protect your hair during your styling process. Going without can lead your hair to become dry and damaged. When it gets to this point there might a lot of work involved in getting it back to it’s normal, healthy state.

There are many, many more resolutions you can make and if you choose to, choose ones that are suited to your needs. If you feel the need, you can pick ones that are more skin oriented or hair oriented, it’s all up to you!

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