The path to becoming a beautician is not an easy one, if it isn’t your passion, that is. Did you have someone in your family work or own a beauty salon when you were younger? Or were you just very interested in all things beauty? Well, I’m going to give you some steps on how to become a licensed beautician and start your career!

First, what is a beautician? Obviously they deal with “beauty”, right? Well, beauty is very much a word that is up for many interpretations. To sum the career up in a simple sentence, a beautician is someone who is trained in providing hair care, beauty treatments, and gives out plenty of information to their clients (namely ways to enhance their routine, etc.) Let’s not forget they are also competent with makeup, massages, waxing, and giving manicures/pedicures!

Now, you’re going to want to start the fun part first, and that is one of the more important steps: Research! If you want to be a beautician, you have to see that they are trained in all the areas mentioned above. Now, this does not mean you have to be a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to that, most beauticians will focus on one special skill such as hair, nails, or makeup.

What kind of education you need? Well, you need training that generally is not offered at your typical 4-year school. Enter trade/vocational schools and beauty schools, even some community colleges offer beauty programs! The curriculum can either specialize in one field of study, like hairdressing, or it can deal with all the different cosmetology programs such as nail care, skin care, hair cutting, and more! It generally takes about nine months for a full-time student to complete their training.

What next, you ask? Once training is finished, time to saddle up in a good, ol’ apprenticeship. This allows a beautician to get more hands-on training in different beauty specialties. This time can last anywhere from one to three years. You will have to stay up to date with your techniques, trends, and products, though. Attending seminars, beauty shows, and training programs helps ensure of that.

After your apprenticeship, you may want to look in to taking a business management course. The majority of beauticians own their own business, so this will help you out in the long run with your career. You can take these classes at a community college or technical school, and you may even find ones relating to your career field!

Now, you have reached the end step… getting that license! Anyone who works as a beautician must be licensed by the state that they plan to work in. This involves taking and passing a practical and written exam. Licenses need to be renewed usually every few years to keep up to date with new regulations.

“Whoa, that’s a lot!” Yep, beauticians are very, very knowledgeable professionals! They go through a lot of schooling and training to get where they are. So if you want to join their ranks, definitely research and find the best fit for you in the cosmetology world. Work hard, and you can succeed!

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