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There is no doubt about it that social media has had a huge impact on today’s trends in Millennials and Gen-X’s.  Instagram and Youtube are the driving forces in giving anyone a look at what is popular and how to achieve the newest styles. With Pinterest catching up with their How-To’s, it’s never been easier to look trendy with options and variations. However, with all these new looks hitting the market on an almost weekly basis, how can you tell which will be one to last? Here’s a look at the most popular makeup trends for the last year. Maybe they’ll help you decide which one is worth adding to your repertoire.

Let’s start with contouring. Contouring is the practice of using makeup to highlight the natural features of your face. This method is widely popular and isn’t anything new to the makeup community, only recently brought to mass attention by Kim Kardashian. There is evidence that actors all the way back in the mid-1500’s would use soot and chalk to define their features during productions.

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Luckily these days stores like Sephora sell contouring kits for every skin tone you can think of so you don’t have to worry too much about using these kinds of things on your skin. In the same vein, Baking has become a popular trend. I don’t mean the cookies and cupcakes type of baking either. This process essentially involves using a damp makeup sponge to apply a thick coat of powder to areas of your face that you want to look brighter (like underneath your eyes). You then let the powder sit, or ‘Bake’, for five minutes before grabbing a fluffy brush and dusting the excess powder off. While this will set your foundation and concealer, make sure you blend well.


Less permanent, but still popular, trends include the squiggle eyebrow and the squiggle lip. While these looks aren’t ones you’re going to see on an everyday basis, they gained their traction on Instagram. Squiggle brows can be achieved simply with some washable, clear, glue and a brow sculpting tool. It’ll take some maneuvering and a good bit of time, but it’s certainly a look. If you want your lips to match, simply outline your squiggle design below or on your lips and fill it in with your choice of matching lip gloss or lipstick. If squiggles aren’t your thing, try the braided brow. Sure, we’ve seen the photoshopped Instagram pictures but this look is actually possible.  All you need is some brow pencils and a little artistic ability.  


Need a new look for your hair to match your new makeup style? Why not try out Rainbow hair? This is exactly what it sounds like: your hair dyed into the colors of the rainbow. If you have the extra money to splurge on a salon, it is worth having a professional do this for you. You can attempt to give this a shot at home but the results will vary and they may not be as bright and even as having has a professional do them. Also, there is the new style of rainbow lips and they would go perfectly with your new multicolored hair. If you want a little less semi-permanent hair fun, you can go for glitter roots (with lips to match). Just fix your hair as normal and then make a mixture of hair gel and glitter of your choice. Apply it to your roots, and anywhere else you like on your head, and you’re ready to go! However, be warned that glitter can be very messy and very hard to remove. If you attempt this look you not get it all out in one go and it may leave traces of its existence long after you’ve tried it out.





These trends rotate in and out in the fashion and beauty circles so if you don’t catch on to a trend at the start, there is always another one waiting for you!

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