There are a few more things to keep in mind when deciding on what school you want to go to. So I’ve decided to write up a second part here, just so you get a bit more information as we get closer to the new school year starting. It is already the middle of July!

Don’t wait to talk about what comes after graduation until you’re about to finish school. When you enroll, make sure you are on the same page with your counselor or advisor as far as career outcomes and possible places that hire their graduates. You should also have regular check-ins to make sure you are meeting goals and keeping up with your training requirements. Having good relations with your school can also help you build a solid support system while you gain the confidence to work in a real professional environment. Figure out what’s going to be in store for you after graduation, so you have a plan in place to reach your personal success.

Another thing to look for when choosing a beauty school are opportunities for professional development. Some cosmetology programs offer information and curriculum about managing salons and doing freelance work. It can be a lifesaver to learn the basics of accounting, and keeping track of your business expenses. This information can be helpful to salon workers as well, since you may wind up working as an independent contractor, and responsible for reporting the correct income and deductions.

Having good people skills is also important to cosmetologists. Look for a curriculum that includes coursework about how to conduct yourself in the most professional way in your workplace. This doesn’t mean you have to be stoic and hide your personality. But you must learn to strike a balance between staying focused on your job and connecting with your clients on an appropriate, yet personal level. A quality cosmetology program will include some of this information, even if it’s through one-on-one consultation with your advisor or counselor.

Many beauty professionals enjoy the freedom of being their own boss, and working their own hours. What’s also nice about these occupations is the flexibility that they can provide for students who want to continue their education. Many states require professionals to take continuing education courses between periods of renewal. When you speak with schools, you need to bring up the topic of licensure. If the program you are looking at isn’t equipped to help you pass the required examination and training hours then you should consider other options.

If you are wanting to stay close to home when deciding which beauty school you want to go to, there are many methods to find that local school that offers the program and curriculum you like. There are websites available that give you the ability to search local schools and see what their programs are, as well as cost. Facebook is also a very nice tool to use, as simply searching for schools in your area can bring up local cosmetology schools. Use what you feel is best for you!

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