With so many ‘Hair Hacks” floating around the internet these days, you may be tempted to try some strange things with your hair. Everything from dying your hair with a pack of Kool-Aid drink mix to using cornstarch in place of dry shampoo have become commonplace for hair go-to’s in a pinch. However, there are still some hairstyles that are easy to do for less time than you think. One of the more common styles is hair straightening. There are many myths and tips on how to get the best and straightest hair possible. Below is a list of the most common tips and tricks to protect your hair and get a great style.

Be Aware of how you Wash Your Hair

  • There are many shampoos and conditioners out on the market that claim to help make hair straighter. The fact is, there isn’t one singular product that can make hair straight. Products that that advertise smoother hair may help provide extra moisture to prepare hair for having a flat iron or curling iron run over it.

Blow Dryer Direction is Important

  • A lot times when we’re drying out hair, we give no thought into how we hold and point the nozzle of our hair dryers, opting to dry our hair as fast as possible. In the interest of a smoother, less frizzy straightening experience, point the nozzle downward as you brush. The end result is a less frizzy head of hair and it’ll help give your hair a bit of volume even before you break out the flat iron.

Remember to use Protection

  • Try out a thermal protection spray. These sprays are designed to keep hair from taking a lot damage during the hot styling process. Often these sprays are made with compounds that reduce the frizz that might result from long-term hair styling without the same heavy additives found in mousse and gel. They also protect your hair from drying out  if you choose to use high heat elements.

Beware the Sizzle

  • All too often, women find themselves in a hurry when getting ready for work, school, or an outing. Everyone has been guilty of using a hot styling equipment on hair that may not be entirely dry or has unevenly applied product in it. This can cause some serious damage to your hair and even put a damper on the outcome of your efforts. Running the hot plates over wet hair creates humidity within your strands and that can cause your hair to frizz up instead of taking on the glossy shine flat irons can create. If styling product is unevenly applied, the flat iron will dry it into clumps in your hair and create stiff sections that will break apart unevenly.

Higher Heat Might Mean More Damage

  • All flat irons come with heat settings. Sometimes they’ll come labeled with “High”, “Medium”, “Low” settings and sometimes they come with numbered temperature gauges. Most stylists will recommend using medium-high heat when styling from home. We’re more tempted to go over the sections of hair multiple times when they don’t come out as straight as we’d like them and the higher the heat, the more damage your hair will take. However, if you have thicker hair, higher heat will be more helpful in achieving your ideal look as the high heat will ensure it is spread evenly throughout the strands..

It’s all in How you Finish

  • There is nothing more disappointing than spending time getting your hair perfect and having it all just come undone the moment you step out the door. Hair done right can hold its straight style for days before being washed or getting wet. This hold can be helped by the product you choose to finish your hair with. Added mousse and gel can make your hair chunky and loose that smooth look. The same can said for heavy hair spray. A good tip is to spray your brush with a light hairspray and comb it through the strands. It provides and even coating throughout and helps you to avoid having your roots look solid from spraying just around the top of your head.


Not all tips work for everyone as everyone has different hair that acts on its own accord. The real trick is to find the product and methods that work best for you that cause your hair the least amount of harm.

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