Previously, we got down to some of the most common tips for straightening hair. There are so many to be found everywhere, we’re continuing on with four more tips that those who flat iron often will want to keep in mind. This time around the tips will focus more on the efficiency factors that can help you save time when it comes to getting the job done. Let’s dive in.

Plate Types are Important

  • When choosing your flat iron, looking at the plates they come with will play and role in helping you get a better look. The two most common choices come down to ceramic and titanium and there is a lot of debate between the two.
    • Ceramic plated flat irons are more cost effective than their titanium counterparts. They are also known to distribute heat more efficiently during the styling process. They do take longer to heat, unfortunately, but this does make them ideal for home use. Also be aware that as you use the ceramic plated tool, it will lose some of its heat as you go and will need a little time to regain the right temperature. When choosing a ceramic styling tool, make sure they are true ceramic and not ceramic coated. Ceramic coated plates are aluminum underneath and can be very damaging to your hair.
    • Titanium plates are the most effective type of styling tool when it comes to getting straighter hair. These kinds of tools reach their desired temperature much more quickly than ceramic and while this is very useful when you’re in a hurry, it has the potential to cause serious damage to your hair. Opt for lower temperature settings when using titanium plates. These types of tools are more often found in salons with professionals, as they know how to handle the heat on a person’s hair. If you have thicker hair, titanium plated tools might be more effective since they won’t lose their heat as it distributes through your strands of hair.

Size Matters

  • Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your flatiron. The larger the plates are, the more time they will take to heat up and the more area they will cover. However, just because you can fit more hair between the plates, doesn’t mean it will be more effective than smaller sized plates.  Many stylists will recommend not going larger than 1-½ inches in size for your tool of choice. The smaller the size, the less time they take to heat up and the quicker you can achieve your ideal look. Another thing to consider is that small tools will be more effective when it comes to reaching the roots of your hair.

Sections to Make it Even

  • A common tip for doing any hairstyle is to section the hair off. Using a large clip or loose bands can prevent the need for extra work as you style as they will not crimp the hair where they latch. Dividing the hair into smaller sections will not only help to create a more even finished look, but it will keep your tools from losing too much heat as they are being run over your hair. If the sections are too thick, the flat iron will have to work harder to maintain its temperature. At that point you could be looking at a longer finish time or an uneven look.


As we talked about before, choosing the right tool and right style for you will all depend on you and your hair’s needs. Determine what tool and products you use based on your desired goals and hair type. Always keep in mind that you want to keep your hair’s health as optimal as you can.

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