Summer Beauty

With every new season comes a new set of beauty woes: hair loss as the leaves fall in autumn, dry skin in the cold of winter, humidity from all the rain in spring. And while summer may bring with it beachy waves and sun-kissed cheeks, it also presents many problems of its own. Here, I’m going to offer solutions to some common ones.

First step is to maybe try a new hair style. Treat hair like you do your skin. The sun compromises the cuticle, the outer protective layer of the hair, and over time can make it brittle and dull. The first line of defense is tying it back, whether in a simple ponytail or an effortful plaited style. This will help your hair remain healthy in the hot summer sun.

Next tip is to try and find that happy medium between washing and not washing your hair. For some people, washing less often makes sense, as natural hair oils can help offset frizz. Others might need to ramp up their regimen with products like texturizing spray, smoothing fluid and leave-in conditioner. And remember: There are always swim caps. Also, if you are going to the beach or pool, dampen your hair before heading out to help your hair fight off the salt and chemicals.

You may want to consider wrapping your hair up during the summer season. While you might wear a headwrap to cover what is underneath, it can also be seen as an awesome expression of style during the summer! Protection from sun damage is an added bonus.

Have you seen those ridiculously high SPF numbers on a bottle of sunscreen? Well, don’t buy in to it. There is no such thing as 100 percent UV protection, not even from a sunscreen with an SPF of 110. But when applied correctly, that is greasing up with a full ounce of product every two hours, a product labeled SPF 30 lets you stay in the sun without getting burned 30 times longer than if you were wearing no sunscreen at all. Using a water-resistant sport sunscreen can also help you beat the burn when you are outdoors and in the sun. It’ll help when you sweat, just make sure to reapply often.

You may want to give your pores a little rest and relaxation. If you can afford it, a summer facial can help mitigate sun damage and oily skin. In a place such as New York, treatments can start at $60. An appointment with a top facialist, on the other hand, could cost you as much as $500. Most appointments will include extractions, deep cleansing and product consultations. Your skin needs to breathe, sometimes.

Maybe consider wearing less make up? When you perspire, you are a setup for all kinds of things to go awry. But that doesn’t mean you need to skip makeup altogether. And a number of companies now sell products they call workout-proof. If a beauty regimen can withstand consecutive spin classes, it can probably handle the heat.

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