In the growing world, there is rapidly developing technologies.  They are often designed to make everyday life easier but they take a lot of development to do so. This year at CES 2018, Henkel, a 140-year-old German brand will be showcasing a brand new technology that will change the way salons handle hair care in the future. The Salon Lab Ecosystem has been put through the tests in Henkel’s Salon Labs to be sure what they are developing is going to make a big impact on the hair care and design market.

What this device is designed to do is to is analyze the molecular structure of your hair by running the plates over a small section.  The SalonLab Analyzer can determine the moisture content, strength, and true color of your hair. From there, the information is sent through an application accessible via the SalonLabs Consultant app. This app is currently compatible with IOS and the salons using this system will be outfitted with IPads. The app provides information such as the treatment, color, and products to use depending on the information is gathers. While you are in the salon, this information can be sent to the SalonLab Customizer. This amazing machine will custom mix a shampoo and conditioner that is personalized for your hair type. It is dispensed into salon sized portions or even small take-home bottles.  If you prefer, the app can also send the product information to Amazon and have it delivered within a couple of hours.

The salon will ask you to come back after a few weeks time if you persist in using the customized products to make sure the treatment is working. If not, your stylist can make adjustments to the recommendations to find you a formula that is better suited to your needs. The SalonLabs Consultant app also provides augmented reality snapshots with personally selected hair color recommendations. This allows the customer to see what the color will look like before it is applied to their hair. Using this technology can give customers more confidence to pursue more dramatic color changes without the speculation at the end result.  Just like with the shampoo, the SalonLab Customizer also creates and dispenses the correct hair color according to the option you pick.

The SalonLab Customizer is installed in-store and collects the data gathered by the SalonLab Analyzer. The Customizer machine has access to hundreds of natural ingredients and essential oils to create the signature product just for you. If you do opt to take your customized product home, the machine will even print out a customized label.

The Henkel products won’t be available anytime soon but there should be more on their commercialization within the coming days. It has been speculated that they will be available to UK markets in the latter half of 2018, followed by US shortly after. These products will not be available widely at first but will be available in select stores. More information about the company can be found at their website,

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