If you’ve decided to enroll in cosmetology school, you’re going to want to make the most of your time. You want the experience to be a success, and everyone wants you to graduate as a cosmetologist ready to take on the world. How can you make sure your time in school is successful? We’ve got a few ideas!

You might not realize it now, but you’ll need school supplies and books to succeed in beauty school just like at any school. At ABS, we recommend students have pens, pencils, a binder, highlighters, notebooks, Duck Tape, index cards, sheet protectors and more. These items are in addition to your kit and will keep your organized. You’ll need more supplies than a flat iron and curling wand if you want to succeed in beauty school.

You’ve got the material – now use it! Seems obvious, we know, but the best way to succeed in cosmetology school is to study the material your instructors give you. Your first weeks in school will be book-focused.  If you don’t focus, you may fail Midterm, which means you can’t get onto the clinic floor, and your whole graduation schedule will be off. If there’s ever a topic you don’t understand, it’s totally OK to ask questions and get help. No one is expecting students to get all of this cosmetology info right the first time. It can be a lot to take in, so listen, so ask questions, take notes and read your books. That will put you on the track to success.

One of the easiest ways to succeed in cosmetology school is by staying productive. On the clinic floor, you’re responsible for your time. It’s not like in the classroom where a teacher is going through a book or assigning homework. You need to be self-motivated on the floor, just like at a real salon.

There are a few ways to stay productive. Work on your guests’ hair, which is how most students prefer to stay busy. If your books aren’t filling up, start marketing yourself! Take advantage of the promotions going on at your school and let your friends and family know about the deals. Advertise your skills on social media, pass out business cards to people you meet, and do amazing work – then you’ll stay busy through word of mouth. If you don’t have a client to work on, you need to practice on mannequin heads or talk about retail with guests in the lobby. You could also read about the latest hair styles or work in your textbooks.

Working on your mannequin heads is a great way to stay productive. Your mannequin is also a great way to practice styles you don’t normally get to try. One day your mannequin can be a pinup girl with victory rolls and the next she can be an avant-garde hair model. You might not be able to try these hair styles on real guests, but when you graduate from beauty school, you’ll want to have learned as many hair styles as possible.

Drama is bad. A lot of students start beauty school starry-eyed and excited. As the weeks go on, they start to hear gossip and fall into drama, and their attitude changes. Drama can make your experience at any beauty school overwhelming and less enjoyable. There will always be someone who lives for drama, but if you want to be successful, avoid that. Focus on you and your goals. If a problem arises, ask yourself if it’s worth fussing over. This may be a cliche, but in beauty school, you really can’t afford to sweat the small stuff. If it doesn’t interfere with your happiness and career, then whatever problem you run into isn’t really a problem. Keep the end game in mind and work hard towards graduating with the most knowledge possible.

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