Welcome to Volition Beauty!

Volition Beauty is a newly founded crowd-sourced cosmetics company. It was launched in September of 2015 by Brandy Hoffman, a beauty executive, and Patricia Santos, a venture capitalist. In an interview with Forbes, the pair stated that their friendship formed over many long flights while championing for another brand. The pair hit it off quickly and the idea for Volition was formed: A cosmetic company by women, for women. Since its inception, the company has launched its own brand of products and the top five products are featured at Sephora. Their sales have gone up 70% every month for the last year, growing exponentially.

The way it works is that women submit ideas for products they are looking for. Either they submit ideas that they have for new products or even submit ideas for products that may exist but they cannot find. From there, the ideas are vetted and looked over for viability and financial feasibility. Once a product has been approved for the production process, it is posted to the Volition website and put up for a public vote. After the allotted time has passed, each product is ranked from the votes it receives and the ones that have met the goal are sent to the partnered production labs to be formulated and tested.

As soon as the product has reached the finishing and packaging stage, small samples are created and sent to the innovator that submitted the idea. From there, the innovator can hand out the samples to women in their life as a means of gathering feedback from a focus group of real women in real-world settings. This feedback is submitted back to the Volition team and they make the necessary adjustments to the formula to make it better. Once these changes are made, the finished product is mass produced and put up for sale on the company’s web store. So far there are less than twenty products up for sale and there are several that are in the production stage, having only recently voted in by the public.  

The innovator’s job isn’t finished once the product has reached the point of sale on the Volition website. Each innovator is given a percentage of the revenue generated from each unit of their product sale. This is a great reward for the innovators whose proposals have made it that far and have gained traction as a product that works. In turn, this encourages other women to propose ideas of their own and continue the process as new products come onto the scene. Every woman has a different perspective and a different need from their beauty products. These different perspectives give way to more and more ideas that make their way onto the market to help other women.

If you have a beauty product idea that you think can help the community, Volition is the perfect place to pitch it. If your idea is accepted you could be the next innovator they feature. So go check out their website and see what this up and coming company has to offer!

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